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Kiran's story

My name is kiran baig, I have 1 sister 2 younger brothers and my parents. In our family I am the the only hearing impaired one (hard of hearing) since my childhood. I am just normal person like others. However difficulty in communication, even by using hearing aid created hinderances in my studies at school and college. My class fellows and teachers in school ignored me. I could not make good grades at school due to this impairment. In this hour of difficultly my father and mother encouraged me a lot and I kept struggling to complete with normal beings at schools. I cleared my FSc in B grade. I was not good in studies. My other siblings being excellent in studies was also a source of inspiration for me to work hard to make my career.

Fellow would make me friend for a while but on learning that I am hard of hearing (HOH) they ignored me and humiliated. I learnt to live in such unfriendly behavior and concentrated n my studies. As lectures of teachers was hardly of any help to me, I had to learn in a hardway. This definitely had impact on my social life and interaction others on other accounts was not very encouraging. I could not develop a group of friends like other fellow students which left me so sad. I never lost my hope. My mother became my best friend, she taught me all subjects till matric. My impairment studies were a hard period for me. Even some of my teachers did not understand my problem. They insulted me in class and discouraged me with words like "you are failure" etc.

However I made up my mind complete with other and my resolute made me successful. When I entered my university life I got lot of friends there, they respected me and never rejected me on an account of my hearing problem. Especially AROOMA and AYESHA IJAZ encouraged me a lot. They took care of me every time and now especially because of my friend's support and my family's big support. I am very proud to be what I am today. Those who had negative thinking about me that I can't study are compelled Bachelors in computer graphics and animation expert. My hard work and sterm resolution made me earn 16 years degree program. Even I can drive a car throughout cities even being a (HOH) person.

Having completed this, is a first step of my successful life. To prove my worth in my field, I still need to work and prove to others that my (HOH) problem will not pose any hindrances in my advancements. I shall complete with the blessed ones and one day I shall be at top of line.

But now my family, like all parents worried about my marriage. Getting many proposals and later decline due to my hearing loss has made me upset. But I think we the girls with disability like mine should never lose their hopes in life. God always do better for us give us a big successful life. Marriage is not only the way for girls to live successful life. Never be sad. If you make successful career, it will automatically make things easier for us.

you can contact Kiran at hellokinee@gmail.com

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