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Huda Zahid's Story

My name is HUDA ZAHID; I have severe sensorineural hearing loss and nasal voice since birth. During school time, class fellows and teachers always ignored me as they never tried to pay attention upon me. I wanted to make some friends but once someone came to know the difficulties in communication with me, they left me quickly.

Huda's photo at graduation

And girls always ridiculed me about my heavy and nasal voice. Although I am hard working and good in study but when I could not hear something, teachers always punished me and insulted me in front of class, instead try to understand my disability. I thought that no one would understand me and make me friend. Only my mom became my best friend at that time, as she always accompanied me and assist me.

I was reluctant to use hearing device, but my parents convinced me to use that. Earlier, I felt very inferior and got depressed about my hearing problem, and I also afraid that everyone would taunt and make fun of me, a lot. But my parents, always encouraged me, supported me at every step of life, and they did their best to not let me weep at this "abnormality" and weakness.

With the passage of time, I got over nervousness and depression; and developed confidence, have kept focus on study and made some friends in university.

For study I actually was interested in computer studies but I did choose medial field that is pharmacy because it was my mom's wishes and dream, she wanted me to be doctor.

While studying, whenever I faced problem in listening and communication, I asked something again and again from friends, class fellows and teachers and also asked them repeat the things they were saying. If I could not hear and understand, I requested people make me understand by face to face and write down on paper, although I used hearing aids but still faced difficulty sometimes. So, I hear lecture and things by lip reading with the help of hearing aids.

I want to participate in extracurricular activities like perform on stage, debates and play game in sports. But I have been told that I could not do that because of my problem. So, I did not mind, accepted that reality and got realistic. I thanked Allah; at least, I have got education.

My parents always make me understand about blessings I have and they always says that: "Always Gratitude to Allah by seeing those who have less than you, not by contemplating those who have more than you."

In developing country like Pakistan where there is no support available in education setup, getting education is the remarkable success of disabled child with disability. Now, I have completed my doctor of pharmacy study with the result of my parent's prayers and guidance. It is said that there is woman's hand behind man's success but I says that there is parent's hands behind the success of child with disability.

My Quotation: "Ascend like a shinning star by making weakness (disability) as a great power and never get dishearten."

Huda Zahid

She can be reached at

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