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Group photo after the meeting

A consultative meeting on
Interpreter's Assocation, Sign Language Standardization, Training & Certification and collaboration of all stakeholders.

Date: Saturday, 8th August, 2009,

Time: 10:30am to 01:00pm

Venue: Conference room of PIQ.

Organized by: Danishkadah

Participants : Interpreter / Teachers for the Deaf, and Deaf representatives

Program Detail

Participants List

S #Participant's NameSchool / Organization Name
01Muhammad AkramDanishkadah
02Ms. BilquisIda Rieu
03Ms. AfshanIda Rieu
04Ms. FrheenIda Rieu
05Ms. KanwalIda Rieu
06Mrs. ShahinaIslamic School for the Deaf
07Miss. GulnazIslamic School for the Deaf
08Miss. ZohraIslamic School for the Deaf
09Miss. SadiaIslamic School for the Deaf
10Miss MaryamIslamic School for the Deaf
11Miss. MahjabeenIslamic School for the Deaf
12Ms. Shirin Aziz DossaniJS Academy for the Deaf
13Mr. Aqeel-Ur-Rehman Hameed Individual / Interpreter
14Ms. Marrium TahirHorizon School for the Children with Special needs
15Mr. AmirPakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD)
16Mr. Kamran TariqPakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD)
17Mr. Syed Iftikhar AhmedPak Iftikhar Deaf Association
18Ms. RehanaInterpreter / Pak Iftikhar Deaf Association
19Mr. GhulamIndividual
20Ms. SalmaIndividual

Minutes of meeting


Danishkadah always seeks to better the quality of life of the Deaf (and other Persons with Disabilities - PWDs), by empowerment, training and promoting of Self-Help organizations.

Since long we were feeling that there is a dire need of trained and professional interpreters. And yet there is no unified step taken to address this need. When we started thinking on this issue, we realize there are many related issues that also need to address and no single person or organization can solve this problem alone.

Sign Language standardization, Training, Certification, Reorganization, development of code of ethics, considering protecting the rights and interest of both of the parties (Deaf customer and Interpreters Service Providers) are some related issues that needed to be discussed and to initiate a platform for further regular development.

Therefore Danishkadah call a consultative meeting of all the stakeholders. The main purpose was to encourage Interpreters and Deaf representative to consider establishing an Association of Interpreters. As it can give a base where other issues such as need of training, certification, code of ethic, etc can be address and further step can be taken for further development for solutions.

One main things we noticed, that we usually blame interpreters for non-professional service (rusty sign language, no-ethics, etc), without considering that there is no standard training opportunities, and any other guidance or facilities available for interpreter. Most of interpreters are schools’ teacher or relative or friends of the Deaf, who never have any opportunity to learn, nor did they have any opportunity to meet their peers at regional and international level.

In this situation Danishkadah took a step forward and invite all the stakeholders to come together and discuss these issues, and form a platform.

Meeting discussion:

Program started with recitation of Holy Quran by a participant from Ida Riue. Then all participants introduced themselves.

Then related clauses in UNCRPD were pointed out and discussed the opportunities that these clauses would bring for service providers (interpreters) and for the Deaf. As UNCRPD approve Sign Language as a standard language, and rights of access to information, education etc. Deaf people can demand interpreter in education setup, at public services (hospital, police station, etc.) without any extra cost. This will change the trend in future and instead of relative or friends, government or relevant departments will be responsible for providing professional interpreters. This will bring good opportunities for interpreters, and it’ll be a good profession to join.

During meeting Government efforts for standardization of Sign Language was noted. As few months ago government invited teachers from schools for the Deaf, from all over the Pakistan and signs for syllabus of up to 8th grade/class were developed. Despite that many participants were not satisfy from this efforts, many participants agreed that not to reinvent the wheel and follow the one that has been developed and approved by government and schools representatives. Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) representative in this meeting objected that government did not invited PAD and did not consult with us.

Participant noticed the need of regular and continuous development of Sign Language as PSL still not enough sophisticate, and Interpreters and teachers have no where to go and find sign when need arrived, so everyone try to explain that word in their own way to students.

Danishkadah suggested an online Signs Data Bank, for

Besides standardization of Sign Language, lack of training and certification were also discussed, Certificate or Diploma course should be draft, codes of ethics should be established. At this point Code of Ethics from “Philippines Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment” also presented as an example along with few others that were taken from WASLI website.

And top of all there should be a platform, where interpreter can discuss their issues, where Deaf people can say their words about interpreting service, where Interpreter can be registered and categories, where complaint can be logged, etc.

Then World Association of the Deaf (WASLI) was introduced by material taken from the WASLI website. And discussed, how to form National Association of Sign Language Interpreters (NASLI), according to the guide lines / suggestion provided at WASLI website.

As brain storming, participants asked to think on formation of NASLI, as a result many question were asked, such as

Danishkadah clearly inform participants that we are just facilitating the meeting to encourage you to form your association, as helping Self-Helf Organization is one of our missions. Danishkadah would be more than happy to help you in whatever way possible.

But Dnishkadah will not have any right or control of NASLI. NASLI would be the association of Interpreters and members will have all the authorities to decide and to elect their managing committee.

As it was first meeting and time was short, it was decided that participant will think what they have discussed today. And we will have another meeting after Ramdan (month of Fasting) in which we can finalized the establishment of NASLI. Danishkadah asked participants to decide about venue for next meeting, and if participants wants Danishkadah will facilitate the 2nd meeting too. Participants agreed that it would be convenient if Danishkadah facilitate 2nd meeting too.

At end of meeting Danishkadah along with the participants thanks Ms. Sidra representative, and Mr.Imranulla Shariff Director of PIQ, for providing their conference room for meeting, free of cost.

Meeting ended followed by lunch and happy talk. It was a good opportunity for people from different schools and organization to sit together and raise friendship, and we should keep meeting in future too.

Stay tune for next meeting in late September or early October. And if you want to join the next meeting contact danishkadah @ gmail . com


Photos from the Seminar

1 different views of particiapnts during meeting2 different views of particiapnts during meeting3 different views of particiapnts during meeting

4 different views of particiapnts during meeting5 different views of particiapnts during meeting6 different views of particiapnts during meeting

7 different views of particiapnts during meeting8 Founder Chairman Danishkadah thanking PIQ for their support9 PIQ representative Ms. Sidra addressing the participants

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