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Group photo after the seminar


An awareness raising semianr

Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009,

Time: 11:00am to 01:30pm

Venue: IDA RIEU Teachers' Resource Center, Karachi

Organized by:Danishkadah and IDA RIEU Teachers' Recource Center.

Audience : Teachers, Parents and Students

Program Detail

Danishkadah and IDA RIUE Teachers' Recourse Center jointly organized an awareness raising seminar on "People with Hearing Loss". The aim was to raise batter understanding about different types of people with hearing lost, their international organizations, right of accommodation in education, medical setup, and encourage to established self-help organizations.

During seminar teachers were encouraged to refresh their knowledge and learn ICT skill so they can keep themselves update about latest development from all over the world. Teachers, parents and students were given links of international organization of people with hearing loss, organization of interpreter and other web site where they can learn more and can published their work.

Accommodation in inclusive setting also was discussed specially in education and medical setup, in our environment usually parents or relatives helps people with hearing loss, and it observed that professional services is missing in Pakistan. It also be observed that neither the teacher nor the student aware about assistive devices because they are not available in Pakistan. We suggested that teachers, parents, and students all should aware of assistive devices and technologies so they can demand the same or collaborate with different companies to develop local assistive devices.

Different available resources, tools also shown to the audience, and different CD with sign language got attention of the audience, special about Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). Later on audience's interest, it was decided that a workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) will be organize some time later at mutual agreed date.

Muhammad Akrm from Danishkadah and Ms. Shazia Hasan and Ms. Rabia from IDA RIUE TRC jointly manage this program.

Photos from the Seminar

audience 1 Shaiza Husan and Rukhsana R. Jaffer member Managing Committee Idariue visible at front leftSpeaker Muhammad Akram

different view of speaker and interpreter

audience 2- Shazia Husan visible at left most seat

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