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Wish List!

Dear Friends,

Greeting from Danishkadah! Soon Danishkadah will be 5 year old. In these 5 years we organized many events, for awareness raising, training and advocacy, and we supported many other Disabled People Organization (DPOs) with knwoledge and information, despite that we had no regular funding from government or donor agency. We have proved that commitment and passion is the first and the most things, and it is our commitment that kept us alive and enable to us to do much on self-help basis.

We are thankful to Allah (God) who give us courage and persistence to keep going on for the cause, we also thanks to our friends who share their resource with us in one or another way.

Mid last year (2010) we were able to open our own office, and developed many projects that are on our table however due to lack of resourcs many things are in pending or going very slow. In this situation we are publishing our wish list here and if any of you would like support Danishkadah for one or more items we will be thank full to you.

For outdoor / rural awareness raising programs

  1. One loptop
  2. One portable Multimedia Projector
  3. 01 small UPS (backup power supply)

For Danishkadah Office

  1. Iron or Steal Ramp
    (to make our office accessible for wheelchair users)
  2. One UPS (backup power supply for light and fans) Received with thanks from Ms. Abmber Zuberi
  3. Furniture (tables, chair, shelf, etc.)
  4. Hot-Cold Water dispenser
  5. 2 pedestal, 5 wall, and 2 exhaust fans

For Computer lab

  1. 10 Computer System
  2. 01 Printer
  3. 01 Scaner
  4. 01 USB Blu Tooth mic
  5. 01 High quality web camera
  6. Computer Tables and chairs

For Studio

  1. One digital camera with movie recording capability
  2. One PC with multimdeia equimpments
  3. Lights with stands
  4. Large chroma screen

Contact info@danishkadah.org.pk

Thank you

Ms. Amber Zuberi, for UPS and her continous support and encouragement.

Ms. Shahida Najeeb, who is paying for our web hosting since last 4 years.

Ms. Debra Ruh, who sent us MS Sidewinder keyboard, that helps us in learning rela time speech to text.

PIQC, who continuously sharing their resource with us. Special their confernece room is a big support for us.

We appreciate your encouragement and support

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