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A non-formal meeting of Parents and educators of Persons with Disabilities

Date: Tuesday, 19th July, 2011,

Time: 03:00pm to 06:00pm

Venue: Danishkadah office, Karachi


Background: A formal meeting of parents and educators scheduled for 9th July 2011, and more than 40 participants were invited to join, also guest speakers from Thailand, USA, and Sanghar had to join online. But due to city condition that meeting postponed. Some friends suggested that it would be nice to have a non-formal meeting at Danishkadah office, as we can start brainstorming toward formation of Parents- Educators Forum. So a meeting with few parents and educators was hosted by Danishkadah on 19th July.

Program's Report

17 participants (representing organizations and individuals) attended this meeting, and Ms. Debra Ruh a guest speaker participated online via Skype.

This meeting started by the recite of Holy Quraan by Syed Naushad Shaukat. After that all the participants introduced themselves.

Then Mr. Akram Chairperson Danishkadah briefed about the purpose of meeting, and said that we support self-help organization for various diverse groups. We believe that there should be group of parents of persons with disability. An experienced parent of persons with disability can be the best consular for the other parent. Therefore we are organizing non-formal meeting for brainstorming. And we would support parents with information and we can share our resources, as we do for other Self-Help organizations.

Then Mr. Naushad brief about importance for the role of parents for mutual cooperation and attitude towards acceptance the child with disabilities. He supported the idea of setting up a parents teachers association or such a forum in which some committed parents contribute their time for every meeting. And he appreciated that Danishkadah is offering support. He also offered his support and introduced work of "Special education".

Ms. Sadia Mumtaz from inclusive society Pakistan introduced her organization and shared her and her child's (autistic) story. She raised issue of parental acceptance at early stage, and early intervention program to maximize the output of the child with disability.

Then Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani discussed to promote parents efforts to set symbol for others .He shared his knowledge what he has witness in other countries in regard of parental self-help organization. He said that parents cannot be ignored so that once parents organized then we will start working to motivate other parents too.

Then Ms. Debra Ruh spoke online from USA, she shared her experience as parent of daughter with Downs Syndrome and also talked about assistive technologies. She stress that we all should do our best to make parents independent for the development of their child. She showed her interest to support the initiative for parents and said we are in touch with Akram (Danishkadah) since long and I'd try my best to share information on latest technologies, methodologies, for awareness development for the parents. Some question were asked by participants and Ms. Debra answer online and said she can share more information in email when required.

Here Mr. Naushad informed about translation of ECE 2002 into Urdu as English is not the first language of people in Pakistan he said soon it will be published in Urdu.

Finally it was decided to work further on the idea of platform for parents and in next meeting invite more parents. And after Eid a bigger meeting will be organized, until then we will continue to indentify parents who may have potential to lead the parents SHO.

Danishkadah suggested that educators should have their own platform too, initially it can be one platform parents-educators forum once it grows enough they can become two separate platforms with close cooperation / collaboration.

Meeting ended at 6pm followed by refreshment. Some parents showed their interest to join Danishkadah, Danishkadah welcome everyone but recommends that parents should work to have their own Self-help organization and Danishkadah will support with information and with its resources as well.

Special Thanks

We also appreciate Mr. Naushad shaukat for his coordination for this meeting and Mr. Aqueel ur Rehman for interpreting.

Photos from the Meeting

Danishkadah's president welcome address Mr. Nizamani addressing Ms. Debra Ruh from USA via skype
Ms. Debra Ruh participated online from USA via Skype

In above photo participants listening Ms. Debra
question from audience 1 Question from Audience 2
Questions from Participants

in two above photos, different view of participants in meeting

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